Our recent experience with the Board of Ethics appointment process and the interest DeKalb citizens showed in applying for that board led us to question how other County boards are being appointed and how citizens are being educated about and engaged with County government through these boards.

What we have found so far indicates little public attention is being paid to these boards by either County officials or DeKalb citizens. Right now we have more questions than answers about how these boards are appointed and how they function. While we move forward with our research on this topic, we encourage you to review the overview of County boards that we have created. If you are interested in serving on any of the boards, we encourage you to follow the instructions below to access the board’s information and to apply. We would also advise sending a copy of the application with a letter of interest to your commissioner.

Click link below:


Step 1: Boards and Commissions names – Listed alphabetically Þ  Select name of desired boards and commissions.

Step 2: Access specific information for selected board(s) –

Click: Board Tab for description/purpose of boards/commissions, current vacancies, expired terms

Click: Member Roster Tab – lists membership names, appointing authorities, terms of appointment

Click: APPLY in right top of screen to submit an electronic application to serve on a desired board or commission